Automotive Classroom Resources for all program types. Only $179/year!

I’ve been a disciple from the first time I attended one of your
training seminars at our SEMATA meeting at Macomb Community College.

I’ve always found your material ” spot on” for supplemental
instruction in teaching high school auto shop.  I’ve used your
materials in my instruction at every level with every age student.
The task sheets follow a well chartered course in compliance with the ASE Education Foundation task list.  This straight forward approach is convenient for the instructor and comfortable for the learner.

With the new normal of distant learning, I have incorporated your
materials in my routine of assignments from my students.  At the time
of my purchase of the on-line access, I never realized what a life
saver it would be to continue my teaching curriculum.

I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to the future of the
automotive service industry and your commitment to excellence that you share with the educational community.

I look forward to attending the next Halderman training session, whenever the world returns to normal.

Ron Weston

Auto Technology Instructor, Hartland High School

Your website is great and I have been using your support material. I actually have been using it since I met you at the CAT conference a few years ago. We just purchased your “Intro to Automotive Service” textbook which seems to be a lot more user friendly for my high school students then our previous textbook.

Bob Mauger

Automotive Technology, Corona High School

BTW, We got NATEF Certified. I would like to thank you for your help and the training I got at NACAT and over the year. Your Pearson Maint. and Light Repair Book helped us alot.

Raymond "Paul" Bouis

Automotive-Diesel Technology Teacher, Longview High School / Kilgore College

During my school days at East Los Angeles Community College we used many of your automotive books. I must have at least 6 of them, and I’ll tell you that they are were worth every hard earned penny. I remember when I bought the “Fuel Emissions and Control Systems” for personal enlightment (the yellow cover) I was so happy to have been able to afford it (new). I also remember when I first bought my first book it was the “Automotive Electricity and Electronics”(used)(the blue cover). I really enjoyed reading them, and I truly hate reading. I currently hold 17 ASE certification and I can credit many if not most certifications to the vast knowledge passed on from your books.

Alex Montes

We love the incredible resources that you have made available across your website.

Rufus Chaney, Sr.

Writer College and Career Readiness, Houston Independent School District

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy this new Semester in studying from your Book you put together called Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis Fifth Edition. Thank you for all your nice response emails in the past, it really helped. Thanks for your Friendship & I hope all is well with you & your Family. May God Bless you all as well…

Leonard Alcala 2nd

One reason for the effectiveness of your books is your love for the automotive discipline. Your books are the results of commitment, collaboration, and comprehensiveness, resulting in student achievement. Gracias.

Hiram Hironaka

Jim, I too find the resources very valuable in the classroom. Animations help out both new hires and seasoned techs to understand automotive concepts. Keep up the good work!

Randy Wormer

Your book is GREEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT! I used it this semester as a supplement for a heavy equipment electrical course that I teach.

Nelson McSwain

Instructor - Heavy Equipment and Transport Tecnology, Central Piedmont Community College

Your website is the best thing since Kentucky Fired Chicken, and it’s all free. There are techniques and tips that I teach my students but have never seen in print until your fourth edition “Big Book” I have sent links to your site to every Kentucky instructor. The ones that take time to surf it are “wowed” by the content. I am going on my second year using your textbook with as my learning management system.

Roc Moore

Jim, I use your material in my classes daily. I (we) can’t thank you enough for putting a little spark into our lectures.

Russ Ferguson

My wife has attended your courses. Thanks to you she passed the ASE brakes exam.

Peter Raeth

Wow, what an “HONOR”. I’m tremendously grateful you took the time to respond to my diagnosis. I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for the automotive-industry. I aspire to someday “Give-back” to a younger generation, what I have taken from the older-generation. Again, thanks so much for the email.

Brandon H. Steckler