L1: Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis

1 OBD-II Monitors and Status Introduction (4:24) (2016) (Good)

3 OBD-II Freeze Frame Data (2016) (Good)

3 Signs of a Bad Abs Wheel Speed Sensor Failing Symptoms Not Working Cleaning Testing Malfunction (3:03) (2021) (Better)

3 Signs of a Bad Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Failing Symptoms Relearn P2122 P2123 P2127 P2128 (2:13) (2020) (Better)

3 Signs of a Bad Immobilizer Key Light Flashing and Car No Start (1:50) (2021) (Good)

3 Signs of a Bad MAP Sensor Failing Symptoms P0105 P0106 P107 P0108 (2:01) (2020) (Better)

3 Signs of a Bad Oil Pressure Sensor Switch Failing Symptoms Light On (1:38) (2020) (Better)

3 Signs Your Shift Solenoid is Going Bad or is Failing Symptoms P0753 P0758 P0751 P0760 P0755 (2:48) (2020) (Better)

4 Signs of a Bad TCM Transmission Control Module Failing Symptoms Reprogramming (2:07) (2020) (Better)

4 Signs of a Bad Transmission Range Sensor Failing Symptom P0705 P0706 P0707 P0708 P0709 P0814 P0819 (2:22) (2020) (Better)

4 Signs of a Bad Vehicle Speed Sensor Faulty Failing Symptoms Malfunction P0500 (1:56) (2020) (Better)

4 Signs of a Catalytic Converter Going Bad Failure Symptoms P0420 Clogged (3:02) (2020) (Better)

5 Signs of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor or is Failing No Start (2:35) (2019) (Good)

5 Signs Your Mass Air Flow Sensor is Bad or Failing Symptoms (2:06) (2019) (Better)

Automatic Transmission Sensors (2021) (Better)

Available Voltage/Voltage Drop Test (13:34) (2020) (Best)

Bad Ground Symptoms and How to Test No Start No Spark Battery Drain Car Audio Low Voltage Misfire (2:43) (2021) (Better)

Check Engine Light? Codes P0446, P0455: What Causes a Car EVAP Code? (5:27) (2020) (Best)

Diagnostic Trouble Code  DTC (1:48) (2020) (Better)

Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC (2:34) (2019) (Good)

Every Engine Sensor Explained - MAF, MAP, IAT, TPS, 02, NOx, EGT (26:21) (2021) (Better)

How to Conduct a Voltage Drop Test (Mastering Meters and Advanced Electrical Diagnostics) (3:28) (2016) (Good)

How to Test and Replace a Rear Vehicle Speed Sensor P1706 (5:48) (2020) (Good)

How to Test and Replace Transmission Output Speed Sensor 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Code P0720 P0720 (2:39) (2019) (Good)

How to Use a Multimeter to Diagnose Car and Truck Electrical Problems (8:36) (2020) (Best)

How to Use an OBD-II Scanner (2:30) (2018) (Best)

P0011 - P0014 Variable Valve (Cam) Timing Codes and How to Diagnose Them (1:52:20) (2019) (Better)

P0750, P0751, P0752, P0753, P0754, P0755, P0756, P0757, P0758, P0759, P0760, P0761, P0762, P0763, (2:59) (2020) (Better)

Signs of a Bad ECM, ECU, PCM, Car Computer Failure Symptoms (1:55) (2020) (Good)

Signs of a Bad Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Symptoms P0710 P0711 P0712 P0713 P0714 P2740 (2:32) (2021) (Better)

Symptoms of Bad Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (2:40) (2021) (Better)

Testing ECM Input Sensors with a Volt Ohm Meter (7:07) (2015) (Good)

The Best Way to Perform a Parasitic Draw Test (10:48) (2017) (Good)

Transmission Doesn't Shift (P0722 - Output Speed Sensor Fault) (21:50) (2019) (Better)

Voltage Drop Testing a Parking Light/Turn Signal Circuit (35:27) (2019) (Better)

What is Powertrain Control Module? What Does Powertrain Control Module Mean? (2:50) (2018) (Good)

When Should You Conduct Parasitic Current Draw Testing? (9:24) (2017) (Good)