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How to purchase Halderman automotive books


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Secondary/Technical Schools:

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Automotive Industry Professionals:

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Save up to 80% with e-Textbooks. Click here to search and select any of Jim’s books.


CourseSmart App: All of our books are available via CourseSmart for 50% off the list price. CourseSmart has an app for the ipad and iphone for easy compatibility.

Pearson eText App: Available for the ipad. If a student has purchased MyAutomotiveLab with eText they can download a copy of their textbook via the Pearson eText App (free download in itunes). Looks of functional features, like glossary search, key work search, highlighting, note taking, etc.

Many of our books are available on the Kindle. Some older titles on the Kindle (not just in Automotive, but across the board) do not have page numbers—only ‘location numbers’. This is a feature of the Kindle and makes it difficult to assign page numbers to students since they do not align. However, most new titles are Kindle compatible and contain both page numbers and location numbers.

Instructor Resources

The Pearson Education website has all of the following Instructorces (FREE):

  • Test bank software
  • Additional test questions for each chapter and title
  • instructor manuals with answers to all chapter questions
  • PowerPoints for each automotive title
  • ASE-correlated task sheets

Steps to get access to these resources:

  • Visit the Pearson website by clicking here
  • Type “Halderman” into the search box
  • Scroll through the list of titles until you locate what you are looking for and click on the book cover
  • Select “Resources” from the menus in the blue menu bar

Login and password are required. If you do not have an account, click here and select “Request Access”.



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Click here to learn more about Revel™

ASE Task Correlation Charts

Pearson Collections

Perfect for instructors who would like to build their own textbook based on the textbooks written by James Halderman. This service allows you to use chapters from any of Jim’s books and compile them into a single book that is put together exactly as you wish.

To learn more about this service, click here.

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