Jim recommends that all of his customers use Automotive Student Testing for all of their student assessment needs. Automotive Student Testing provides online Tests and Quizzes covering everything you will be teaching your students. Students can use classroom computers or their own smartphones to access the assessment tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Over 3600 questions in our test bank.
  • 188 Unique tests and quizzes.
  • FREE Weekly reporting.
  • FREE Certificate program for customers.
  • Teaches new diagnostic skills and reinforces learned skills.
  • Designed for use on a weekly basis throughout your entire curriculum.
  • Validates you are reaching your students.
  • Untimed tests and quizzes include explanations for correct and incorret answers shown in real time.
  • Reinforces good test-taking habits for your students.
  • Provides measurable, documented proof your students are learning and your teaching methods are sound.
  • Offers ASE Entry Level Certification prep and testing.

FREE official certificate program for ALL automotive education programs

Automotive Student Testing customers have FREE access to the Automotive Student Testing Certificate Program. This program is designed to allow students to take supervised online automotive tests and earn a certificate of accomplishment. Passing these tests will indicate a satisfactory level of practical knowledge-based readiness for the workforce. Students will receive a signed official certificate from their school that they can present to prospective employers to prove their understanding of specific ASE areas. Any individual possessing one of our certificates will have marked advantage over others vying for the same position who did not achieve the same level of accomplishment.

The Automotive Student Testing Certificate Program is similar to the ASE Entry-Level Certification program and accomplishes similar results of documented proof demonstrating a satisfactory level of expertise in various areas of automotive diagnosis and troubleshooting. The major difference is that that Automotive Student Testing program is FREE for all Automotive Student Testing customers versus $45/student for the ASE Entry-Level Certification program.