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(A0) Automotive Fundamentals

A0: Safety, Environmental, and Health Concerns

(A1) Engine Repair

A1: Fuel, Electrical, Ignition, and Exhaust Systems Inspection and Service

(A2) Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles

A2: General Transmission and Transaxle Diagnosis

1-2 Upshift, Minimum Throttle  

2-3 Shift Valve  

2-3 Shift Valve, Coast Downshift  

2-3 Shift Valve, Full Throttle Downshift  

2-3 Shift Valve, Light Throttle Downshift  

2-3 Shift Valve, Light Throttle Upshift  

2-3 Shift Valve, Wide Open Throttle Upshift  

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission 


Auto Transmission Band & Servo Operation  

Auto Transmission Clutch Operation  

Auto Transmission Scan Tool  

Basic Hydraulic System  

Check Fluid Level, No Dipstick  

CVT Forward and Reverse  

CVT Operation  

CVT Ratio Control  

Dual Clutch Transaxle 

Dual Clutch Transmission

Dual Clutch Transmission Hydraulic & Electronic Control 

Electronic Clutch Control 

Electronic/Hydraulic Shift Control  

EPC Solenoid  

FWD Drivetrain  

Governor Operation

Hybrid Auto Transmission  

Hydraulic Controlled Manual Shifts  

Hydraulic Shift Control  

IVT - Spherical Traction Drive

Mechanical Diode  

N D Shift  

One Way Roller Clutch  


Orifice with Check Valve  


PGS 1, Reduction  

PGS 2, Rev Reduction  

PGS 3, Reduction  

PGS 4, Rev OD  

PGS 5, OD  

PGS 6, OD  

PGS 7, Direct Drive  

Power Flow 4 41te  

Power Flow 41TE  

Power Flow 4L60  

Power Flow Rav 2 Speed  

Power Flow Vntr 6 Speed  

Power Flow, 6T70/6F50  

Power Flow, Allison 1000, 5-Speed  

Power Flow, Lepelletier Six-Speed  

Power Flow, Overdrive Four-Speed #1  

Power Flow, Overdrive Four-Speed #2  

Power Flow, Overdrive Four-Speed #3  

Power Flow, Ravigneaux Four-Speed  

Power Flow, Simpson Geartrain

Power Flow, Simpson Geartrain + Overdrive  

Power Flow, Toyota A 750E  

Power Flow, Two-Mode Hybrid Transmission  

Power Flow, ZF 8HP  

Power Flow, ZF 9HP  

Pressure Balanced Clutch  

Pressure Regulator Valve  

RWD Drivetrain  

Shift Solenoid Operation  

Shift Valve Forces  

Shuttle Valve  

Simple Electronic Controlled Shifts  

Simple Hydraulic Shifts  

Sprag Clutch  

Start/Stop Fluid Pressure Accumulator 

TCC Operation  

Torque Converter Fluid Flows  

Torque Converter Power Flows  

Transmission 1st Gear  

Transmission Input Reduction  

Transmission Pressure Test Electronic Controls  

Transmission Pressure Test No Electrical Controls  

Vacuum Modulator Valve 

(A3) Manual Drive Train Axles

(A4) Suspension & Steering

(A5) Brakes

(A6) Electrical/Electronic Systems

A6: General Electrical/Electronic System Diagnosis

AC Alternating Current  

AC Alternating Current 2

Battery Drain Test, Amps  

Battery Drain Test, Clamp Meter  


Circuit Test, Amps, Meter  

Circuit Test, Meter  

Circuit Test, Test Light  

Copper Atom  

Copper Atom 2  

DC Motor  

Electrical Wire Repair  

Electron Flow  

Electron Travel, Heat  

Electron Travel, Light  

Electron Travel, Magnet  

Electron Travel, Pressure  



Map Sensor Ground Check  

Map Sensor Reference Voltage Check  

Map sensor Signal Voltage Check  

Math Formula, Series Circuit Resistance  

Math Formula, Watt  

Meter Usage Check CAN Circuit  

Meter Usage Measure Amps  

Meter Usage Measure Frequency  

Meter Usage Measure Ohms  

Meter Usage Measure Volts  

Meter Usage Testing Diode  

Ohm's Law, Current  

Ohm's Law, Resistance  

Ohm's Law, Volt  

Parallel Circuit  

Parallel Circuit Ground Side Switching  

Parallel Circuit Law 1  

Parallel Circuit Law 2  

Parallel Circuit Law 3  

Parallel Circuit Power Side Switching  

Parallel Circuit, Open  

Parallel Circuits, Volts  



Scope Display  

Scope Display Dual Trace  

Series Circuit Ground Side Switching  

Series Circuit Law 2  

Series Circuit Law 3  

Series Circuit Power Side Switching  

Series Circuit Resistance  

Series Circuit Voltage Check  

Series Circuit, Open Circuit  

Series-Parallel Circuits  

Static Electricity  

Test Bulb  

Test Fuse, Meter  

Test Light  

Tone Generator  


Voltage & Resistance  

Working with Wiring Diagrams  

A6: Instrumentation Cluster Driver Information Systems Diagnosis and Repair

(A7) Heating & Air Conditioning

A7: Refrigeration System Component Diagnosis and Repair

(A8) Engine Performance

(L1) Advanced Engine Performance Specialist

L1: Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis

L1: Emission Control Systems Diagnosis

L1: Fuel Systems and Air Induction Systems

L1: General Powertrain Diagnosis

L1: I/M Failure Diagnosis

L1: Ignition Systems Diagnosis