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Halderman Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

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1st Edition

70 Chapters

1,152 total pages

Size: 8.6” x 11” x 1.7”

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Book ISBN: 9780133405187

eBook ISBN: 9780133444315

Table of Contents

Ch1: Automotive Background and Overview

Ch2: Careers in the Automotive Service Industry

Ch3: Starting a Career in the Automotive Industry

Ch4: Working as a Professional Service Technician

Ch5: Technician Certification

Ch6: Shop Safety

Ch7: Environmental and Hazardous Materials

Ch8: Fasteners and Thread Repair

Ch9: Hand Tools

Ch10: Power Tools and Shop Equipment

Ch11: Vehicle Lifting and Hoisting

Ch12: Measuring Systems and Tools

Ch13: Service Information

Ch14: Vehicle Identification and Emission Ratings

Ch15: Gasoline Engine Operation

Ch16: Diesel Engine Operation

Ch17: Under-Hood Vehicle Inspection

Ch18: Lube, Oil, and Filter Service

Ch19: Cooling System Operation and Diagnosis

Ch20: Engine Condition Diagnosis

Ch21: In-Vehicle Engine Service

Ch22: Gaskets and Sealants

Ch23: Electrical Fundamentals

Ch24: Electrical Circuits

Ch25: Series, Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits

Ch26: Circuit Testers and Digital Meters

Ch27: Automotive Wiring and Wire Repair

Ch28: Wiring Schematics and Circuit Testing

Ch29: Batteries

Ch30: Cranking System

Ch31: Charging System

Ch32: Lighting and Signaling Circuits

Ch33: Driver Information and Navigation Systems

Ch34: Horn, Wiper and Blower Motor Circuits

Ch35: Accessory Circuits

Ch36: Airbag and Pre-Tensioner Circuits

Ch37: Heating and Air-Conditioning

Ch38: Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems Inspection

Ch39: Ignition System

Ch40: The Fuel Delivery System

Ch41: Fuel Injection Systems

Ch42: Emission Control Devices

Ch43: Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Ch44: Scan Tools and Diagnostic Procedures

Ch45: Tires and Wheels

Ch46: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Ch47: Tire and Wheel Service

Ch48: Front Suspension and Service

Ch49: Rear Suspension and Service

Ch50: Steering Linkage and Service

Ch51: Power Steering

Ch52: Wheel Alignment

Ch53: Braking System Components

Ch54: Brake Hydraulic Systems

Ch55: Brake Fluid and Lines

Ch56: Brake Bleeding Methods and Procedures

Ch57: Wheel Bearings

Ch58: Drum Brakes

Ch59: Disc Brakes

Ch60: Parking Brakes

Ch61: Machining Brake Drums and Rotors

Ch62: Power Brakes

Ch63: Clutches

Ch64: Manual Transmissions/Transaxles

Ch65: Drive Axle Shafts and CV Joints

Ch66: Drive Axles and Differentials

Ch67: Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive

Ch68: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Principles

Ch69: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle In-Vehicle Service

Ch70: Used Vehicle and Pre-Delivery Inspections