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6th Edition

30 Chapters

480 total pages

Size: 8.5” x 13” x 1.2”

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Book ISBN: 9780133515053

eBook ISBN: 9780133515343

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Table of Contents

Ch1: The Diagnostic Process

Ch2: Gasoline Engine Systems

Ch3: Variable Valve Timing Systems

Ch4: Engine and Misfire Diagnosis

Ch5: In-Vehicle Engine Service

Ch6: Gasoline, Alternative Fuels, and Diesel Fuels

Ch7: Circuit Testers and Digital Meters

Ch8: Oscilloscopes and Graphing Multimeters

Ch9: CAN and Network Communications

Ch10: On-Board Diagnosis


Ch11: Global OBD II and Mode $06

Ch12: Immobilizer Systems

Ch13: Ignition System Components and Operation

Ch14: Ignition System Diagnosis and Service

Ch15: Temperature Sensors

Ch16: Throttle Position Sensors

Ch17: MAP/BARO Sensors

Ch18: Mass Air Flow Sensors

Ch19: Oxygen Sensors

Ch20: Wide-Band Oxygen Sensors

Ch21: Fuel Trim Diagnosis

Ch22: Fuel Pumps, Lines, and Filters

Ch23: Fuel-Injection Components and Operation

Ch24: Gasoline Direct-Injection Systems

Ch25: Electronic Throttle Control System

Ch26: Fuel-Injection System Diagnosis and Service

Ch27: Electronic Transmission Controls

Ch28: Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing

Ch29: Emission Control Devices Operation and Diagnosis

Ch30: Symptom-Based Diagnosis

Chapter 1 – The Diagnostic Process (page 1)

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8 Step Diagnostic Procedure

Scan Tool

Chapter 2 – Gasoline Engine Systems (page 21)

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