A8: Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis and Repair

Automotive Electrical Diagnosis 5V Reference Circuit (Time 15:54) (2020) (Better)

Bad Engine Control Module Symptoms (Time 4:06) (2017) (Good)

CAN Bus Explained (Time 8:41) (2017) (Better)

Check Engine Light? Car Knock Sensor Low Input - Code P0327 P0332 (Time 4:23) (2020) (Best)

Coolant Temperature Sensor - 2006-2013 3.5L Chevy Impala (P0117, P1258) (Time 14:10) (2018) (Better)

Downstream O2 Sensors (Time 6:13) (2016) (Good)

Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Diagnosis (Time 11:18) (2019) (Better)

Five Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor and O2 Sensor Is Failing (Time 2:23) (2019) (Better)

Four Signs of a Bad Coolant Temperature Sensors Failed Symptoms Overheating (Time 2:21) (2020) (Better)

Four Signs of a Bad Knock Sensor Failure Symptoms Pinging Noise P0325 P0330 (Time 1:46) (2020) (Better)

Fuel Trims Mass Air Flow Case Study Diagnosis (P0171, P0172) (Time 1:08:43) (2017) (Better)

How ECU's Work (Time 5:33) (2017) (Better)

How the Car Engine Control Unit Module Controls and Works (Time 3:59) (2017) (Good)

How to Identify O2 Sensor Failure (Air Fuel Ratio Sensor) (Time 1:53) (2019) (Best)

How to Read, Understand, and Use a Wiring Diagram (Time 12:18) (2020) (Best)

How to Replace an Oxygen (O2) Sensor (Time 4:42) (2012) (Better)

How to Replace Downstream O2 Oxygen Sensor 06-07 Ford Explorer V8 4.6L (Time 3:40) (2017) (Best)

How to Replace Engine Knock Sensor 00-06 Chevy Suburban SUV (Time 15:51) (2014) (Good)

How to Test a CAN Bus Network with a Meter (Time 16:06) (2019) (Good)

How to Test a MAF or MAP Sensor with a Multimeter (Time 12:25) (2016) (Good)

How to Test a Throttle Position Sensor with or Without a Wiring Diagram (Time 8:45) (2014) (Good)

How to Use an OBDII Scanner (Time 2:20) (2018) (Best)

Instructor Series: Inputs, Outputs, and PCM (Time 5:04) (2016) (Good)

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) (Time 2:23) (2018) (Best)

MAP or Manifold Air Pressure Sensor (Time 2:04) (2010) (Good)

Most Common Car, Truck, SUV Trouble Codes - Explaining OBDII Codes (Time 6:52) (2020) (Best)

Nvidia’S Vision for the Software Defined Car (Time 13:55) (2020) (Better)

O2 Sensor Diagnostics (Time 49:05) (2014) (Good)

O2 Sensors Is It Upstream Or Downstream? (Time 3:07) (2017) (Best)

OBD2 Explained - a Simple Intro (Time 11:23) (2017) (Better)

OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool (Time 3:15) (2019) (Best)

Signs of a Bad ECM, ECU, PCM, Car Computer Failure Symptoms (Time 1:55) (2020) (Better)

Six Ways to Wire in Your ECU (Time 9:11) (2015) (Good)

Three Signs of a Bad Map Sensor Failing Symptoms P0105 P0106 P107 P0108 (Time 2:01) (2020) (Better)

TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Types (Time 7:33) (2019) (Good)

Tuning (Time 11:49) (2018) (Better)

What Is an ECU? Car, SUV and Truck Computer Acronyms Explained (Time 5:29) (2020) (Best)

What Is an O2 Sensor, Catalytic Converter, How Do They Work, How to Make Them Last (Time 11:50) (2019) (Good)

What Is Powertrain Control Module? What Does Powertrain Control Module Mean? (Time 2:05) (2018) (Good)

What's a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor and How to Diagnose It on Your Car Or Truck (Time 5:53) (2020) (Best)

Why Car Sensors Typically Use 5V Instead of 12V (Time 2:00) (2020) (Good)