(A8) Engine Performance

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A. General: Engine Diagnosis (click to expand)

Cylinder Balance Test (Time 7:26) (2020) (Better)

Cylinder Deactivation – Mazda CX-5 (Time 2:08) (2017) (Better)

Cylinder Deactivation (Time 2:35) (2011) (Good)

Cylinder Power Balance Test (Time 2:55) (2020) (Better)

Delphi Tula Dynamic Skip Fire Cylinder Deactivation System (Time 2:45) (2017) (Better)

Ford Ecoboost 1.5L Petrol Engine with Cylinder Deactivation Technology (Time 2:17) (2018) (Better)

GM Cylinder Deactivation (Time 14:14) (2020) (Good)

How to Cylinder Leakdown Test (Time 5:27) (2017) (Better)

How to do a compression Test on Your Engine (Time 4:30) (2017) (Better)

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) (Time 2:23) (2018) (Best)

Vacuum Testing with a Professional (Time 10:34) (2020) (Better)

Variable valve Timing Explained (Time 3:52) (2014) (Better)

Task 1: Identify and interpret engine performance concerns; determine needed action.

Task 2: Research vehicle service information including vehicle service history, service precautions, and technical service bulletins.

Task 3: Diagnose abnormal engine noises or vibration concerns; determine needed action.

Task 4: Diagnose the cause of excessive oil consumption, coolant consumption, unusual exhaust color, odor, and sound; determine needed action.

Task 5: Perform engine absolute manifold pressure tests (vacuum/boost); determine needed action.

Task 6: Perform cylinder power balance test; determine needed action.

Task 7: Perform cylinder cranking and running compression tests; determine needed action.

Task 8: Perform cylinder leakage test; determine needed action.

Task 9: Diagnose engine mechanical, electrical, electronic, fuel, and ignition concerns; determine needed action.

Task 10: Verify engine operating temperature; determine needed action.

Task 11: Verify correct camshaft timing including engines equipped with variable valve timing systems (VVT).

B. Computerized Controls Diagnosis and Repair (click to expand)
Automotive Electrical Diagnosis 5V Reference Circuit (Time 15:54) (2020) (Better)

Bad Engine Control Module Symptoms (Time 4:06) (2017) (Good)

CAN Bus Explained (Time 8:41) (2017) (Better)

Check Engine Light? Car Knock Sensor Low Input – Code P0327 P0332 (Time 4:23) (2020) (Best)

Coolant Temperature Sensor – 2006-2013 3.5L Chevy Impala (P0117, P1258) (Time 14:10) (2018) (Better)

Downstream O2 Sensors (Time 6:13) (2016) (Good)

Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Diagnosis (Time 11:18) (2019) (Better)

Five Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor and O2 Sensor Is Failing (Time 2:23) (2019) (Better)

Four Signs of a Bad Coolant Temperature Sensors Failed Symptoms Overheating (Time 2:21) (2020) (Better)

Four Signs of a Bad Knock Sensor Failure Symptoms Pinging Noise P0325 P0330 (Time 1:46) (2020) (Better)

Fuel Trims Mass Air Flow Case Study Diagnosis (P0171, P0172) (Time 1:08:43) (2017) (Better)

How ECU’s Work (Time 5:33) (2017) (Better)

How the Car Engine Control Unit Module Controls and Works (Time 3:59) (2017) (Good)

How to Identify O2 Sensor Failure (Air Fuel Ratio Sensor) (Time 1:53) (2019) (Best)

How to Read, Understand, and Use a Wiring Diagram (Time 12:18) (2020) (Best)

How to Replace an Oxygen (O2) Sensor (Time 4:42) (2012) (Better)

How to Replace Downstream O2 Oxygen Sensor 06-07 Ford Explorer V8 4.6L (Time 3:40) (2017) (Best)

How to Replace Engine Knock Sensor 00-06 Chevy Suburban SUV (Time 15:51) (2014) (Good)

How to Test a CAN Bus Network with a Meter (Time 16:06) (2019) (Good)

How to Test a MAF Or MAP Sensor with a Multimeter (Time 12:25) (2016) (Good)

How to Test a Throttle Position Sensor with or Without a Wiring Diagram (Time 8:45) (2014) (Good)

How to Use an OBDII Scanner (Time 2:20) (2018) (Best)

Instructor Series: Inputs, Outputs, and PCM (Time 5:04) (2016) (Good)

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) (Time 2:23) (2018) (Best)

MAP or Manifold Air Pressure Sensor (Time 2:04) (2010) (Good)

Most Common Car, Truck, SUV Trouble Codes – Explaining OBDII Codes (Time 6:52) (2020) (Best)

Nvidia’S Vision for the Software Defined Car (Time 13:55) (2020) (Better)

O2 Sensor Diagnostics (Time 49:05) (2014) (Good)

O2 Sensors Is It Upstream Or Downstream? (Time 3:07) (2017) (Best)

OBD2 Explained – a Simple Intro (Time 11:23) (2017) (Better)

OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool (Time 3:15) (2019) (Best)

Signs of a Bad ECM, ECU, PCM, Car Computer Failure Symptoms (Time 1:55) (2020) (Better)

Six Ways to Wire in Your ECU (Time 9:11) (2015) (Good)

Three Signs of a Bad Map Sensor Failing Symptoms P0105 P0106 P107 P0108 (Time 2:01) (2020) (Better)

TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Types (Time 7:33) (2019) (Good)

Tuning (Time 11:49) (2018) (Better)

What Is an ECU? Car, SUV and Truck Computer Acronyms Explained (Time 5:29) (2020) (Best)

What Is an O2 Sensor, Catalytic Converter, How Do They Work, How to Make Them Last (Time 11:50) (2019) (Good)

What Is Powertrain Control Module? What Does Powertrain Control Module Mean? (Time 2:05) (2018) (Good)

What’s a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor and How to Diagnose It on Your Car Or Truck (Time 5:53) (2020) (Best)

Why Car Sensors Typically Use 5V Instead of 12V (Time 2:00) (2020) (Good)

Task 1: Retrieve and record diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), OBD monitor status, and freeze frame data; clear codes when applicable.

Task 2: Access and use service information to perform step-by-step (troubleshooting) diagnosis.

Task 3: Perform active tests of actuators using a scan tool; determine needed action.

Task 4: Describe the use of OBD monitors for repair verification.

Task 5: Diagnose the causes of emissions or driveablility concerns with stored or active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC); obtain, graph, and interpret scan tool data.

Task 6: Diagnose emissions or driveablility concerns without stored or active diagnostic trouble codes; determine needed action.

Task 7: Inspect and test computerized engine control system sensors, powertrain/engine control module (PCM/ECM), actuators, and circuits using a graphing multimeter (GMM)/digital storage oscilloscope (DSO); perform needed action.

Task 8: Diagnose driveablility and emissions problems resulting from malfunctions of interrelated systems (cruise control, security alarms, suspension controls, traction controls, HVAC, automatic transmissions, non-OEM installed accessories, or similar systems); determine needed action.

C. Ignition System Diagnosis and Repair (click to expand)
Camshaft Position Sensor (Time 1:38) (2017) (Better)

COP Ignition Test- Diagnostic Quick Tips (Time 2:04) (2016) (Better)

Crankshaft Position Sensor (Time 2:55) (2018) (Better)

Discover How to Test Your Entire Ignition System with One Simple Tool (Time 4:51) (2016) (Good)

Distributor Vs Wasted Spark Vs Coil on Plug Vs Monster Coil Near Plug (Time 16:55) (2020) (Better)

Five Signs of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor or Is Failing No Start (Time 2:35) (2019) (Better)

Fix Your Distributor Diagnosis and Repair (Time 25:00) (2018) (Better)

Four Signs of a Bad Ignition Control Module Failing Symptoms Engine Stalls No Start No Spark Misfire (Time 2:30) (2021) (Good)

How Camshaft Timing Affects Engine Performance (Time 21:35) (2021) (Best)

How Distributorless Ignition System Works (Time 5:56) (2013) (Better)

How Does the Hall Effect Work? (Time 2:20) (2019) (Better)

How Electrical and Ignition Systems Work (Time 1:31) (2014) (Better)

How Ignition Coils Work (Time 3:42) (2019) (Best)

How Is Distributor Ignition System Working? (Time 4:06) (2017) (Good)

How to “Read” Your Spark Plugs (Time 3:26) (2019) (Best)

How to Check, Set Gap, and Replace Spark Plugs (Time 5:38) (2018) (Better)

How to Diagnose Cranking No-Start Conditions (Time 2:00:07) (2019) (Better)

How to Install a Distributor MSD Performance Ignition Tutorial Instructions Overview (Time 13:26) ((2016)) (Better)

How to Replace Alternator 05-10 Chevy Silverado (Time 12:01) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace an Alternator (Time 3:06) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor 02-06 Nissan Altima L4 2.5L (Time 7:22) (2017) (Better)

How to Replace Ignition Control Module 96-99 GMC K1500 (Time 4:33) (2017) (Better)

How to Replace Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils 04-07 Subaru Impreza (Time 34:26) (2018) (Better)

How to Replace Spark Plugs, Ignition Coils, and Spark Plug (Time 7:51) (2019) (Good)

How to Test Crankshaft and Camshaft Position Sensors (Time 7:07) (2015) (Good)

Identifying Types of Ignition Systems (Time 12:09) (2020) (Better)

Ignition System Explained (Time 24:20) (2020) (Good)

Ignition Systems (Time 13:30) (2018) (Better)

Ignition Systems COP and Wasted Spark (Time 1:58) (2016) (Good)

Ignition Systems Explained (Time 20:51) (2020) (Good)

No Crank Diagnosis Fundamentals (Starter Testing) (Time 23:34) (2019) (Good)

Primary and Secondary Components on a Waste Spark System (Time 4:00) (2020) (Better)

Signs of a Bad Distributor (Time 2:59) (2021) (Better)

Spark Plug Tester (Time 6:19) (2019) (Good)

Symptoms of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor (Time 2:27) (2021) (Good)

Test Spark Plug Wires with Multimeter (Time 6:27) (2017) (Good)

Testing Cam-Crank Sensor Relationship on a Picoscope (Time 14:27) (2018) (Good)

What Happens When You Turn the Ignition Key in Your Car? Internal Combustion Engine (Time 5:14) (2019) (Best)

What Makes Coil-On-Plug Modules Go Bad? (Ignition Coil Diagnostics) (Time 4:54) (2016) (Better)

What You Need to Know About Spark Plugs (Time 12:28) (2016) (Better)

When to Replace Your Ignition Coil and How to Check It’s Bad (Time 3:14) (2019) (Better)

Task 1: Diagnose (troubleshoot) ignition system related problems such as no-starting, hard starting, engine misfire, poor driveability, spark knock, power loss, poor mileage, and emissions concerns; determine needed action.

Task 2: Inspect and test crankshaft and camshaft position sensor(s); determine needed action.

Task 3: Inspect, test, and/or replace ignition control module, powertrain/engine control module; reprogram/initialize as needed.

Task 4: Remove and replace spark plugs; inspect secondary ignition components for wear and damage.

D. Fuel, Air Induction, and Exhaust Systems Diagnosis and Repair (click to expand)
Alternative Fuels (Time 8:18) (2020) (Better)

An Overview of the Refining Process (Time 4:25) (2017) (Better)

Animation Fuel Filter: Heroes Under the Hood (Time 1:21) (2018) (Best)

Bosch GDI (Time 2:37) (2015) (Best)

Check Engine Light? Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) Circuit: Code P0102 (Time 5:09) (2020) (Best)

Check Engine Light? System Too Lean – Code P0171 Or P0174 on Your Car Or Truck (Time 9:14) (2020) (Best)

Diagnosing Fuel Leaks in Your Car, Truck Or SUV (Time 8:53) (2020) (Best)

Diesel (Time 11:50) (2018) (Better)

Does Cleaning a Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Really Work? (Time 17:11) (2017) (Better)

Electric Vs Mechanical Fuel Pump (Time 6:43) (2013) (Better)

Electronic Throttle Body Operation and Failure Issues (Time 7:31) (2017) (Good)

Electronic Throttle Body Troubleshooting (Time 13:52) (2020) (Better)

Electronic Throttle Control System Diagnosis (Time 3:29) (2015) (Better)

Ethanol Vs Gasoline (Time 4:13) (2018) (Good)

Ford Fuel Problems (Time 3:22) (2018) (Best)

Ford P0171 P0174 P1101 – Ford Mass Airflow Sensor Diagnosis Video (Time 9:32) (2016) (Good)

Fuel Delivery System Operation (Time 17:40) (2013) (Good)

Fuel Filter Explanation (Time 4:18) (2015) (Better)

Fuel Injectors (Time 10:25) (2018) (Best)

Fuel Octane Ratings Explained (Time 9:03) (2021) (Better)

Fuel Pump Connector Issues (Time 3:07) (2016) (Better)

Fuel Pump Electrical Check ( Time 2:56) (2016) (Better)

Fuel Trims, Oxygen Sensor Basic, How They Work and How to Test and Diagnose Them (Time 1:15:56) (2017) (Better)

Gasoline (Time 6:23) (2018) (Better)

Gasoline Grades (Time 7:18) (2020) (Better)

Gasoline Vs Diesel Four Major Differences (Time 9:26) (2016) (Good)

GDI Engines and Carbon Deposits (Time 13:59) (2017) (Better)

How a Fuel Pump Works (Time 6:22) (2017) (Good)

How a Turbo Works (Time 3:46) (2011) (Better)

How a Turbocharger Works! (Animation) (Time 3:42) (2014) (Better)

How Biodiesel Is Made (Time 2:05) (2015) (Better)

How Does a Fuel Delivery Module Work? (3D Animation) (Time 3:16) (2020) (Best)

How It Works: Electronic Throttle (Time 6:41) (2018) (Better)

How to Clean and Replace an MAF Sensor (Mass Air Flow Sensor) (Time 2:40) (2018) (Best)

How to Clean Fuel Injectors Like the Pros (Time 5:58) (2019) (Best)

How to Diagnose a Failed Car, Truck and SUV Fuel Pump (Time 4:14) (2020) (Best)

How to Diagnose and Replace a Fuel Pump (Time 13:57) (2016) (Good)

How to Diagnose, Test and Clean Dirty, Clogged Or Bad Fuel Injectors (Time 17:21) (2016) (Good)

How to Fix Intake Manifold Runner Control (Time 8:50) (2019) (Better)

How to Replace Fuel Injectors – GM 3.1L 3.4L Engine (Time 10:58) (2019) (Good)

How to Replace Fuel Injectors 04-08 Dodge Ram (Time 10:13) (2016) (Better)

How to Replace Fuel Injectors 97-04 Ford F150 (Time 7:43) (2017) (Best)

How to Replace MAF Sensor 04-13 Mazda 3 (Time 4:43) (2018) (Best)

How to Replace MAF Sensor 07-13 Chevy Silverado (Time 3:59) (2018) (Best)

How to Replace MAF Sensor and Housing 04-06 Nissan Altima (Time 6:08) (2017) (Best)

How to Replace Mass Airflow Sensor 07-12 Nissan Altima (Time 2:46) (2019) (Better)

How to Replace Your Vehicle’s Fuel Filter (Time 4:25) (2018) (Best)

How to: Change Your Vehicle’s Air Filter (Time 1:49) (2018) (Best)

How Turbocharger Works (Time 2:45) (2015) (Better)

How We Make Biodiesel (Time 5:39) (2018) (Better)

Intake Manifold Problems (Time 4:26) (2019) (Best)

Intake Manifold Runner Control (Time 12:04) (2010) (Better)

Is There Such a Thing As Better Gas (Time 9:40) (2018) (Better)

Lag, Hard Start, Stall? Diagnose Car and Truck Low Fuel Pressure! (Time 19:30) (2020) (Best)

Low Fuel Pressure Causes and Symptoms P0087 Misfire Problems No Start When Hot at Idle (Time 2:48) (2021) (Better)

Making Bio Fuels (Time 4:46) (2019) (Better)

No Fuel Pressure Troubleshooting Basics (Time 16:49) (2016) (Good)

No Start, Engine Cranks Okay, Troubleshooting with Basic Tools (No Power to Injectors) (Time 32:24) (2017) (Good)

P2293 High Pressure Fuel Pump Diagnosis – 2006 2.0T VW Jetta (Time 18:24) (2020) (Best)

Procedures for Depressurizing the High Side of a GDI System (Time 1:49) (2015) (Good)

Purpose of a Turbocharger (Time 2:23) (2011) (Better)

Replacing Rusty Leaking Fuel Lines so You Can Drive with Confidence (Time 5:06) (2019) (Good)

Rough Running? Bad Mileage? How to Diagnose Car and Truck Fuel Injectors! (Time 5:41) (2020) (Best)

Six Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor Or Failing TPS and How to Test It (Time 1:47) (2019) (Good)

Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump Not Starting but Crank (Time 2:14) (2019) (Better)

Three Signs of a Bad Electronic Throttle Body Failure Symptoms Reduced Power (Time 2:15) (2020) (Better)

Throttle Body Relearn When Should I Reprogram My Car’s Throttle Body? (Time 2:42) (2020) (Best)

Trouble Shooting Fuel Pumps Voltage Drop Test (Time 6:18) (2013) (Good)

Turbo Lag (Time 3:07) (2011) (Better)

Turbo Oil Leak, Turbo Leak Causes, Understand a Turbo Seal Leak, Diesel Power Source (Time 6:27) (2020) (Better)

Turbochargers Vs Superchargers (Time 9:15) (2018) (Better)

Two Signs of a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Failing Symptoms Leaks (Time 2:16) (2020) (Better)

Understanding Gasoline Direct Injection and Fuel Quality (Time 3:28) (2015) (Good)

What Does a Mass Air Flow Sensor Do in a Car, Truck, SUV? (Time 12:15) (2020) (Best)

What Is Biodiesel? (Time 5:04) (2020) (Better)

What Is E85? | the Build Sheet (Time 6:54) (2020) (Better)

What Is Electronic Throttle Control? What Does Electronic Throttle Control Mean? (Time 6;23) (2018) (Better)

What Is The Structure of Intake Manifolds? (Time 2:08) (2017) (Best)

What’s the Best Fuel for Your Car? (Time 4:40) (2021) (Better)

Why Do Fuel Injectors Clog? (Time 1:21) (2017) (Better)

Why New Cars Are Using Both Direct and Port Fuel Injection (Time 12:06) (2019) (Better)

Why You Need a Fuel Pressure Regulator (Time 3:52) (2019) (Better)

Task 1: Diagnose (troubleshoot) hot or cold no-starting, hard starting, poor driveablility, incorrect idle speed, poor idle, flooding, hesitation, surging, engine misfire, power loss, stalling, poor mileage, dieseling, and emissions problems; determine needed action.

Task 2: Check fuel for contaminants; determine needed action.

Task 3: Inspect and test fuel pump(s) and pump control system for pressure, regulation, and volume; perform needed action.

Task 4: Replace fuel filter(s) where applicable.

Task 5: Inspect, service, or replace air filters, filter housings, and intake duct work.

Task 6: Inspect throttle body, air induction system, intake manifold and gaskets for vacuum leaks and/or unmetered air.

Task 7: Inspect, test, and/or replace fuel injectors.

Task 8: Verify idle control operation.

Task 9: Inspect integrity of the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, muffler(s), catalytic converter(s), resonator(s), tail pipe(s), and heat shields; perform needed action.

Task 10: Inspect condition of exhaust system hangers, bracket, clamps, and heat shields; repair or replace as needed.

Task 11: Perform exhaust system back-pressure test; determine needed action.

Task 12: Check and refill diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Task 13: Test the operation of turbocharger/supercharger systems; determine needed action.

E. Emissions Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair (click to expand)
Catalytic Converter (Time 5:23) (2018) (Best)

Check Engine Light? Codes P0446, P0455: What Causes a Car EVAP Code? (Time 5:27) (2020) (Best)

Diagnosing Catalytic Converters (Time 4:34) (2020) (Best)

Evaporative Emissions System Operation, Testing, and Diagnostics Beyond the Leak (P0442, P0455) (Time 1:31:01) (2017) (Better)

Exhaust Smoke Types (Black, White and Blue) Causes (Time 11:37) (2019) (Good)

How an Exhaust System Works (Time 21:13) (2019) (Better)

How Car Exhaust System Works (Time 6:16) (2013) (Best)

How the 3-Way Catalytic Converter and Lambda Sensor Work (Time 3:22) (2020) (Better)

How to Diagnose and Replace a PCV Valve (Time 3:09) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace PCV Valve 07-14 Toyota Fj Cruiser (Time 3:51) (2019) (Best)

How to Test a EGR Valve Solenoid (Time 5:42) (2020) (Better)

New VEIP Self Serve Kiosk Tutorial Emission Testing (Time 3:39) (2020) (Good)

PCV Valve Blockages (Time 2:15) (2019) (Better)

PCV Valve Replacement for VW/ Audi 2.0T TSI (Time 7:11) (2014) (Better)

See Through Catalytic Converter (Time 10:24) (2019) (Better)

Three Signs of a Bad EVAP Purge Valve Solenoid Failing Symptoms P0443 Clicking Noise Stuck Open (Time 2:53) (2020) (Better)

Three Signs of a Bad PCV Valve Failing Symptoms No Rattle Noise (Time 1:36) (2020) (Better)

Two Signs of a Bad EGR Valve Clogged Stuck Open and Closed Failing Symptoms (Time 1:45) (2020) (Better)

Vehicle Emission Basics (Time 28:52) (2020) (Good)

What Are Catalytic Converters (Time 2:45) (2019) (Better)

What Happens When an EGR Valve Sticks Open? (Time 13:47) (2017) (Better)

Task 1: Diagnose oil leaks, emissions, and driveablility concerns caused by the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system; determine needed action.

Task 2: Inspect, test, service, and/or replace positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) filter/breather, valve, tubes, orifices, and hoses; perform needed action.

Task 3: Diagnose emissions and driveablility concerns caused by the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system; inspect, test, service and/or replace electrical/electronic sensors, controls, wiring, tubing, exhaust passages, vacuum/pressure controls, filters, and hoses of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems; determine needed action.

Task 4: Diagnose emissions and driveablility concerns caused by the secondary air injection system; inspect, test, repair, and/or replace electrical/electronically-operated components and circuits of secondary air injection systems; determine needed action.

Task 5: Diagnose emissions and driveablility concerns caused by the evaporative emissions control (EVAP) system; determine needed action.

Task 6: Inspect, test, service, and replace components of the EGR system including tubing, exhaust passages, vacuum/pressure control, filters, and hoses; perform necessary action.

Task 7: Interpret diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and scan tool data related to the emissions control systems; determine needed action.