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A7: Heating, Ventilation, A/C (HVAC) and Engine Cooling System Service, Diagnosis and Repair

Automotive HVAC Heater Repair (Time 4:00) (2013) (Good)

Blower Motor Fan Only Works on High Speed? (Time 5:24) (2020) (Best)

Car Radiator Flushing (Time 2:37) (2020) (Best)

Change Your Vehicle's Cabin Air Filter (Time 2:34) (2018) (Better)

Chrysler/Dodge Fan Runs when Power Is Off!? Simple Test and Repair (Time 8:04) (2020) (Best)

Cold Heat? Hot AC? Diagnose Temperature Problems in Your Car or Truck (Time 4:51) (2020) (Best)

Coolants Explained (Time 3:15) (2017) (Better)

Cooling System (Time 16:20) (2013) (Better)

Diagnosing the Automotive Air Conditioner Electrical Circuits (Time 8:49) (2016) (Better)

Diagnostic: Why Is the Heater in My Car Not Working? (Time 3:10) (2019) (Best)

Dual Zone Climate Control Working (Time 1:41) (2020) (Better)

Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Diagnosis (Time 11:18) (2019) (Best)

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Testing (Time 1:43) (2019) (Better)

Engine Cooling How It Works (Time 11:35) (2018) (Better)

Flushing a Heater Core (Time 29:33) (2017) (Good)

Ford Vehicles: Frequent Blend Door Actuator Failures and Why?(Time 6:49) (2016) (Good)

Found Puddles Under Your Car Or Truck? How to Diagnose Coolant Leaks! (Time 7:42) (2020) (Best)

Gates Training: Cooling System - Part 2 - Contamination (Time 6:58) (2017) (Better)

Heat Stopped Working in My Car! Blower Motor or Resistor? (Time 6:32) (2019) (Best)

How a Cabin Air Filter Works (Time 2:07) (2015) (Better)

How a Car Automatic HVAC System Works (Time 14:31) (2019) (Good)

How Automotive HVAC Systems Work (Time 1:38) (2014) (Better)

How Does a Radiator Work? (Time 0:59) (2021) (Best)

How to Back Flush Your Heater Core By Yourself (Time 7:07) (2017) (Better)

How to Change the Cabin Air Filter for Your Car (Time 3:42) (2017) (Better)

How to Check Flush and Fill Your Vehicle's Coolant (Time 4:31) (2018) (Best)

How to Diagnose a Loose or Stuck Belt Tensioner on Your Car or Truck (Time 6:53) (2020) (Best)

How to Flush Your Coolant! (Time 21:24) (2020) (Better)

How to Flush: the Three Best Ways! (Time 5:40) (2019) ( Best)

How to Pressure Test Vehicle Cooling System (Time 6:20) (2019) (Best)

How to Properly Inspect Your Engine Belts (Time 4:09) (2018) (Best)

How to Replace Blend Door Actuator 00-03 Chevy Monte Carlo (Time 4:39) (2014) (Good)

How to Replace Engine Water Pump 09-18 Toyota Rav4 (Time 25:48) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace Heater Core 91-98 GMC K1500 (Time 8:03) (2017) (Better)

How to Replace Idler Pulley 00-08 V8 5.3L Chevy Suburban (Time 5:02) (2017) (Better)

How to Replace Temperature Blend Door Actuator 95-02 Ford Explorer (Time 6:49) (2010) (Good)

How to Replace The Radiator Hoses on a Chevy 5.3 Liter V8 Engine (Time 4:05) (2020) (Best)

How to Replace Thermostat Gasket Housing 96-11 Ford Crown Victoria (Time 6:58) (2017) (Best)

How to Replace Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses (Time 7:24) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace Upper Radiator Hose 01-05 BMW 325Xi (Time 15:36) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace Water Pump 00-04 Ford Focus (Time 24:45) (2019) (Best)

How to Replace Water Pump 01-11 Ford Ranger V6 4.0L (Time 18:41) (2016) (Better)

How to Replace Water Pump 03-08 Dodge Ram (2016) (Better)

How to Test a Chevy Blower Motor Resistor (Time 24:14) (2018) (Best)

How to Test an Engine Coolant or Intake Air Temperature Sensor (Any Car) Time 4:26) (2015) (Good)

How to Test Antifreeze Coolant, Battery, Washer Fluid (Time 10:50) (2018) (Better)

How to Test Your Coolant with a Multimeter (Time 4:03) (2020) (Best)

How to Use Coolant (Anti Freeze) Tester (Time 4:04) (2018) (Better)

HVAC Actuator Reset AC Delco (Time 3:01) (2017) (Better)

HVAC Blower Motor and Circuit (Time 3:27) (2013) (Good)

HVAC Compressor Clutch Operation (Time 4:09) (2013) (Good)

Low Air Flow Out the Vents No Heat (Time 13:57) (2016) (Good)

Serpentine And Drive Belts (Time 12:13) (2020) (Best)

Tesla Model 3 - Cooling System Overview (Time 5:23) (2018) (Good)

Test Antifreeze Coolant Concentration with a Refractometer (Time 6:19) (2018) (Good)

Troubleshooting a Ford Electronic Automatic Temperature Control Module (Time 28:19) (2017) (Good)

Understand Blower Motor Circuits to Better Diagnose Problems (Time 5:14) (2019) (Best)

Using a Refractometer to Test Coolant (Time 2:47) (2019) (Best)

Water Pumps: Explained in Super Detail (Time 15:06) (2019) (Better)

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do, and How Does Your Car's A/C System Work? Animation (Time 11:32) (2020) (Best)

What Is Inside a Heater Core Box? (Time 10:12) (2016) (Good)

When You Do and Do Not Need a Thermostat (Time 3:02) (2018) (Best)