A6: General Electrical/Electronic System Diagnosis

Automotive Electrical Diagnosis 5V Reference Circuit (Time 15:54) (2020) (Good)

Automotive Electrical Wire Connector Types Explained (Time 6:51) (2019) (Good)

Basic Automotive Electrical Diagnosis (Time 20:54) (2021) (Best)

Basic Automotive Electrical Diagnosis Test Lights and Voltage Drop (Time 18:15) (2020) (Best)

Basic Electricity for Service Techs: Ohm'S Law, Current Flow, Opens and Shorts (Time 13:53) (2012) (Better)

Basics of Ohm'S Law, Volts, Amps, Ohms, and Watts Explained (Time 16:38) (2020) (Better)

Best Way to Repair a Cut Wire Harness (Time 17:20) (2020) (Good)

Blower Resistor Replacement (Time 3:45) (2019) (Best)

Building a Solid Electrical Foundation (Time 41:28) (2018) (Better)

Capacitors Explained (Time 8:41) (2019) (Better)

Car Corner - Electrical Diagnostics (Time 51:43) (2019) (Better)

DC Series Circuits Explained (11:28) (2019) (Better)

DC Series-Parallel Circuit Total Resistance (Time 4:58) (2016) (Good)

DLC Testing Tips (Time 7:11) (2019) (Good)

Electric Circuits: Basics of the Voltage and Current Laws. (Time 9:42) (2015) (Better)

Electrical Diagnostics and Troubleshooting (Time 18:05) (2018) (Better)

Electrical Shorts (Time 2:44) (2012) (Good)

Electricity Explained (Time 10:39) (2017) (Good)

Flow of Electricity Through a Circuit (Time 4:30) (2020) (Better)

Fuse vs Relay: What is the Difference? (Time 2:38) (2017) (Good)

Guide to Common Automotive Electrical Connections (Time 11:30) (2018) (Better)

How a Basic Automotive Electrical Circuit Works (Time 12:15) (2020) (Good)

How Electricity Works Working Principle (Time 10:10) (2017) (Good)

How to Calculate the Voltage Drop Across a Resistor (Time 11:32) (2019) (Good)

How to Check for Bad Fuses with a Multimeter (Time 2:58) (2019) (Best)

How to Diagnose a Failed Relay in Your Car, Truck or SUV (Time 8:36) (2020) (Best)

How to Find a Short (Time 9:09) (2017) (Good)

How to Find and Replace a Blown Fuse in Your Car or Truck (Time 3:31) (2011) (Good)

How to Fix and Repair Automotive Wiring Harness (Time 5:22) (2013) (Good)

How to Fix Electrical Connectors Like a Pro (Time 6:15) (2016) (Good)

How to Hook Up an Ammeter (Time 9:44) (2020) (Good)

How to Locate an Open Circuit in a Wiring Harness (Time 50:25) (2017) (Good)

How to Make a Jump Wire for Testing Relay Sockets (Time 2:05) (2016) (Good)

How to Read, Understand, and Use a Wiring Diagram (Time 12:18) (2020) (Best)

How to Replace a Fusible Link (Time 6:57) (2015) (Good)

How to Replace Damaged Wires (Time 15:57) (2019) (Best)

How to Solder Wires Like a Pro (Time 9:22) (2018) (Good)

How to Splice in New Car Electrical Connectors (Time 6:48) (2017) (Better)

How to Splice Wires, How to Solder, How to Crimp, Wire Connectors (Time 10:00) (2020) (Better)

How to Test Car Fuses Using a Test Light (Time 3:05) (2018) (Better)

How to Use a Multimeter to Diagnose Car and Truck Electrical Problems (Time 8:36) (2020) (Best)

How to Use an Automotive Test Light to Find Problems (Time 3:08) (2018) (Good)

How to Wire a 4 or 5 Pin Relay (Time 6:31) (2017) (Good)

How to Wire an Automotive Relay (Time 6:11) (2020) (Better)

How to Wire an Automotive Relay Switch, with Diagram, 4 Pin (Time 5:13) (2020) (Good)

Ins and Outs of Automotive Fuses (Time 8:07) (2018) (Best)

Introduction to Automotive Electronic Control Units (Time 4:25) (2020) (Better)

Measure Amps (Non-Contact, DC) On a Car (Time 1:18) (2013) (Good)

Multimeter Basics for Automotive Use (Time 9:04) (2018) (Better)

Ohms Law (Time 39:39) (2018) (Good)

Ohms Law Series Circuit (Time 4:30) (2017) (Good)

Open Circuits, Closed Circuits, and Short Circuits (Time 5:22) (2017) (Better)

Parasitic Drain (Time 8:38) (2016) (Better)

Resistors in Series and Parallel Circuits (Time 10:51) (2017) (Good)

Series and Parallel Circuits (2020) (Good)

Series Circuits (Time 6:01) (2019) (Good)

The Automotive Relay Explained (Time 12:59) (2017) (Good)

Voltage Testing Fundamentals (Time 39:42) (2012) (Good)

Watt's Law (Time 10:32) (2016) (Good)