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James D. Halderman is an ASE-certified master technician, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the author of 17 textbooks.
Instructors: I'm sure you'll find the information I've included in my website useful in your classroom. Much of the information correlates directly to my textbooks. It assists you in putting together lesson plans and provides excellent visual and technical reference. Please be sure to contact Pearson to request my textbooks for your next classroom order.
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"I was fortunate enough to see your presentations on oil and coolant down at the NACAT conference two years ago. I also saw your Sherlock Holmes presentation with Jim Morton. Great Stuff. I’m an Automotive technology Instructor on both the secondary and post secondary levels and I use your Engine book for my Automotive engines class. I’m in the process of putting   together some training events on long Island for automotive professionals and in fact Jim is the first trainer that I have scheduled. Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks for the great work you do and maybe someday if you are in the NY area you can come do a class for us!"

Dave Macholz

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