Straight Talk / Q&A

Each of these appeared in Jim’s Straight Talk column in the Dayton Daily News.

(A0) Basic Skills

(A1) Engine Repair

(A2) Automatic Transmissions

(A3) Manual Drive Train Axles

(A4) Steering and Suspension

(A5) Brakes

(A6) Electrical and Electronic Systems

(A7) Heating and Air Conditioning

(A8) Engine Performance

10% Ethanol
10% Ethanol – 2
91 Octane
AIR Pump
Air Cleaner Heat Tube
Air Cleaner Nest
Acohol Testing in Gasoline
Bad Coil
Bad Fuel Injector
Bad Injector
Bad Spark Plug
Broken Spark Plug
Carb Spacer
Carbon on Valve
Catalytic Converter
Catalytic Converter – 2
Central Port Injection
Central Port Spider
Charcoal Canister
Check Engine Light
Check Gas Cap
Checking for Vacuum Leaks
Checking Ignition Coils
Checking Ignition Wires
Clean Throttle Plate
Cleaning EGR Port
Clogged EGR
Clogged EGR – 2
Clogged EGR Passage
Clogged EGR Passages
Clogged EGR Passages – 2
Clogged EGR Passages – 3
Clogged EGR Port
Clogged Fuel Filter
CNG Vehicle
Coil on Plug
Coil Pack
Cold Air Intake
Cold Air Intake – 2
Cold Air Intake – 3
Comparing Scan Data
Computer Problem
Computer Programming
Contaminated Mass Airflow Sensor
Cracked Exhaust Manifold
Crankshaft Position Sensor
Crankshaft Position Sensor – 2
Decarbonization – 2
Decarbonization – 3
Decarbonization – 4
Decarbonization – 5
Decarbonization – 6
Decarbonization – 7
Decarbonization – 8
Degraded Oxygen Sensor
Diesel Fuel
Dirty Fuel Filter
Dirty MAF
Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor Wire
Dirty Throttle Plate
Dirty Throttle Plate – 2
Dirty Throttle Plate – 3
Dirty Throttle Plate – 4
Dirty Throttle Plate – 5
Dirty Throttle Plate – 6
Dirty Throttle Plate – 7
Dirty Throttle Plate – 8
Dirty Throttle Plate – 9
Dirty Throttle Plate – 10
Dirty Throttle Plates
Distributor Cap
Distributor Cap – 2
Distributor Magnets
Distributor Problem
DTC Retrieval
E10 Gasoline