"BTW, We got NATEF Certified. I would like to thank you for your help and the training I got at NACAT and over the year. Your Pearson Maint. and Light Repair Book helped us alot."

Raymond "Paul" Bouis
Automotive-Diesel Technology Teacher
Longview High School / Kilgore College

"I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy this new Semester in studying from your Book you put together called Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis Fifth Edition. Thank you for all your nice response emails in the past, it really helped. Thanks for your Friendship & I hope all is well with you & your Family. May God Bless you all as well..."

Leonard Alcala 2nd

"One reason for the effectiveness of your books is your love for the automotive discipline. Your books are the results of commitment, collaboration, and comprehensiveness, resulting in student achievement. Gracias."

Hiram Hironaka

"During my school days at East Los Angeles Community College we used many of your automotive books. I must have at least 6 of them, and I’ll tell you that they are were worth every hard earned penny. I remember when I bought the "Fuel Emissions and Control Systems" for personal enlightment (the yellow cover) I was so happy to have been able to afford it (new).  I also remember when I first bought my first book it was the "Automotive Electricity and Electronics"(used)(the blue cover).  I really enjoyed reading them, and I truly hate reading. I currently hold 17 ASE certification and I can credit many if not most certifications to the vast knowledge passed on from your books."

Alex Montes

"Jim, I too find the resources very valuable in the classroom. Animations help out both new hires and seasoned techs to understand automotive concepts. Keep up the good work!"

Randy Wormer

"Your website is the best thing since Kentucky Fired Chicken, and it's all free. There are techniques and tips that I teach my students but have never seen in print until your fourth edition "Big Book" I have sent links to your site to every Kentucky instructor. The ones that take time to surf it are "wowed" by the content. I am going on my second year using your textbook with MyAutomotiveLab.com as my learning management system"

Roc Moore

"ALL INSTRUCTORS out there Look at the best website for GREAT resources there is out there. Jim always tells me that he thinks some instructors don't know about it, NOW I BELIEVE HIM.......CHECK IT OUT, IT IS GREAT....."

Jim Morton

"Jim, I use your material in my classes daily. I (we) can't thank you enough for putting a little spark into our lectures."

Russ Ferguson

"Dan Beeson Always use it. Thanks for the rexources! I have built in link on the home page of all my student's iPads. ASE test prep was used today as a matter of fact."

Randy - Dayton OH

"I read your column weekly, i think you give great advice..."

Randy - Dayton OH

"My wife has attended your courses. Thanks to you she passed the ASE brakes exam."

Peter Raeth

"I have met you at a couple of the ICAIA conferences over the last two years. Your "How to take the ASE exams" has been a great resource for my students."

Kyle Thomas

"Thanks Jim with NATEF certification this year that helps us out. We use the Automotive Technology 4th Edition with the My Automotive Lab."

Michael Cleveland, Instructor

Wow, what an "HONOR". I'm tremendously grateful you took the time to respond to my diagnosis. I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for the automotive-industry. I aspire to someday "Give-back" to a younger generation, what I have taken from the older-generation. Again, thanks so much for the email.

Brandon H Steckler

"We love the incredible resources that you have made available across your website."

Rufus Chaney, Sr. Writer
College and Career Readiness
Houston Independent School District

"Students and I love your comprehensive textbook. Keep up the good work!"

Brian Gerrits

"I wasn't sure if you were doing the MLR text. I am very happy you are. I was with you at last summer at NACAT. I attended one of your sessions. Now I know for sure there will be a good correlation chart and plenty of instructor resources to go with your text.. I tell all my instructors to go to your site for support materials. Jim, I'm not blowing smoke when I say you are a gifted man. Keep up the great contribution you are making to automotive education. You and I are in the same age group so I know where you are coming from."

George Dykstra

"I was just informed today that your publishing company contacted my school about you coming to speak at Spokane Community College and it was because of my contact with you. I just wanted to say thank you to you and Prentice Hall both for the opportunity. I am excited about meeting you and hearing you speak and am glad we are able to make it happen. Thank you!"

David Waring

"As I said before, great textbook. My students are reading more than they ever had."

Southern Maine Community College

"My brother uses you book for his mechanics training. Now your book is like the 'bible' around here as we always say 'where's Halderman?'"..referring to your book...it's clear, concise, and easy to navigate.Thank you!"

Lanisha B. Smith

"I always enjoy reading your newsletter. I am an automotive instructor here in your neighboring state, West Virginia. I received my bachelor degree from Brigham Young University - Idaho. While attending classes there we used your books for curriculum. After I graduated I kept all my books for reference. Shortly after graduation I opened my own general repair shop. We were a small shop with about 4 full time employees. Whenever we had a vehicle that stumped us I would turn to your books for answers. I ALWAYS found the answer I was looking for. A few years later I took the job of automotive instructor. One of the first questions I was asked as the new instructor was which books should be used to update the curriculum. Without thought or hesitation I immediately recommended your books.

Today while reading your newsletter, I really enjoyed answering the question and reading the situation about the Luke warm Buick. I noticed that in each situation I had the same answer that you did. Thinking further about this, I realized, of course I did! I had been learning from your books for over ten years! More importantly, I have passed all 9 ASE exams (A1-A9) and worked as technician in a dealership and owned a business and now currently teach automotive. All of this from what you have taught me and it has never misguided me. From all of this I just wanted to tell you thanks.

Thank you for all you do and your passion for the industry that we share."

Wade Christensen

"Your book is GREEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT! I used it this semester as a supplement for a heavy equipment electrical course that I teach. What are the chances that you have the same type book that is devoted to heavy equipment?"
Warmest regards,

Nelson McSwain
Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology
Central Piedmont Community College

“Jim always manages to write clean, clear and concise copy. He takes sometimes technical topics and makes them easy for our readers to understand.”

Jimmy Dinsmore
Wheels editor, Cox Media Group

"I always recommend people to buy your books, starting with Introduction to Automotive Service. I use that book and some of your others in my program at LBWCC Automotive."

Richard McCuistian
Instructor and technical writer

"I was fortunate enough to see your presentations on oil and coolant down at the NACAT conference two years ago. I also saw your Sherlock Holmes presentation with Jim Morton. Great Stuff. I’m an Automotive technology Instructor on both the secondary and post secondary levels and I use your Engine book for my Automotive engines class. I’m in the process of putting together some training events on long Island for automotive professionals and in fact Jim is the first trainer that I have scheduled. Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks for the great work you do and maybe someday if you are in the NY area you can come do a class for us!"

Dave Macholz

"I just simply will NOT use another text book aside from yours."

John Lucas
Auto tech instructor Lee County ATC

"I am a student in the Automotive field. I have studied under Professor’s Cliff Meyer and Darrel Deeter at Saddleback college, Mission Viejo CA, and am currently studying Automotive Engineering at Arizona State University. Thank you for your dedication to the automotive industry".

Jose Chavez, student

"You are the Greatest Automotive Instructor that has ever lived! I mention this to all of my classes when I borrow anything from you."

Russ Ferguson
Central Michigan University

"Hey Mr. Halderman. I am a former student from 20+ years ago! I have my own shop in Piqua now for about 15 years! You must have done something right with me!!"

Dave Purk
ASE mechanic, former student

Just to let you know, I send a lot of technicians to your website as a training resource!

John Tisdale 
Executive Director, 
Test Development Operations 

We at Union County Vocational School have adopted your new MLR textbook. I would like to thank you for the great job you have done with this curriculum and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to teach with it. Keep up the great work

Gregg Force 
Union County Vocational School 

A big thanks to your wonderful and insightful news letters. I always look forward to them and so do some of my students (the interested in "auto tech" students). We love to discuss the issues you bring up. Looking forward to the next news letter.

All the best for 2014,

Alfonso Longhin
Transportation Technology David Suzuki Secondary School 

An instructor loaned me a copy of your Automotive Electricity text book and I loved it , so I decided to check out your website and was blown away with the amount of information you have available. Thank you ! , I would like to receive your monthly newsletter if possible please.

Thank you again

Jay Maclay
Conestoga College 

THANK YOU for all of your hard work, I know the time you put in to make sure the material is RIGHT..

Jim Morton

Thanks for all you've done for the Automotive Industry. Your material has been to my benefit (and countless others) as far back as I can remember.

Brandon Steckler

You've helped my students learn a skilled trade to support their families. Well done!.

Scott Henriksen

I like using puzzles in class to help students understand some of the key words in the chapters and this will make grading them a lot easier. Thanks for all you do for all automotive instructors.

Carl Smith
Rowan Cabarrus Community College

I love your newsletter format. It's like coffee for my brain, and I use it to start my class.

David Endo