Instructor Resources
This section contains information on how to locate Instructor Resources for each book.

The Pearson Education website has all the following Instructor Resources (FREE):

Test bank software
Additional test questions for each chapter and title
Instructor manuals with answers to all chapter questions
Power Points for each automotive title
ASE-correlated task sheets
Steps to get access to the Pearson instructor resources include:
  Step 1 - Click here to get access
  Step 2 - Type "Halderman" in the search box
  Step 3 - Scroll through the list of titles until you find the title and edition needed
  Step 4 - Select from the long list of resources
  Step 5 - Click on "Resources"
  NOTE: Login and password are required. If you do not have a login or password, click on "request access"
Note: the Pearson website will open into a new browser window.



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