Custom Books
This section contains information on how access the Pearson Custom Book Library and create Custom Books.
Schools and colleges can create custom books that meet their exact needs. Key features include:

Any chapters from any Pearson automotive title can be used in any order.
In full color if the original chapters were in color.
New instructor content can be added too.
Pearson renumbers all of the pages and the figure numbers to match the new layout.
The cover will be custom and will include the school name.
Just 25 copies have to be ordered over a year period.

Takes six weeks for the custom book to be published, so order in time.

To get started creating your custom book click here!


This section contains information about locating the electronic versions of Jim's books.

Most E-books from many publishers are available from Course Smart ( To find the title you want type “Halderman” in the search box and all Halderman titles will be displayed with the cover image.


CourseSmart App: All of our books are available via CourseSmart for 50% off the list price. CourseSmart has an app for the ipad and iphone for easy compatibility.

Pearson eText App: Available for the ipad. If a student has purchased MyAutomotiveLab with eText they can download a copy of their textbook via the Pearson eText App (free download in itunes). Looks of functional features, like glossary search, key work search, highlighting, note taking, etc.


Many of our books are available on the Kindle. Some older titles on the Kindle (not just in Automotive, but across the board) do not have page numbers—only ‘location numbers’. This is a feature of the Kindle and makes it difficult to assign page numbers to students since they do not align. However, most new titles are Kindle compatible and contain both page numbers and location numbers.



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